How a QAnon conspiracy theory about Ukraine ‘biolabs’ went mainstream

QAnoners cannot leave the chemical compound adrenochrome alone.

For years, harmful conspiracy theories surrounding adrenochrome circulated through the QAnon community claiming the chemical compound is harvested from tortured and murdered children to be used in Satanic rituals as a drug or youth elixir.

The conspiracy has trickled into other theories, often circulated by QAnon, like Pizzagate, blood libel, and Sanatic rituals.

Despite theories around adrenochrome having been debunked and fact-checked, yet again, one TikTok video posted to a conspiracy theory Instagram page spread false information surrounding adrenochrome.

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The video claims that a 1985 patent for the chemical compound proves the chemical was harvested from tortured and murdered children.

Although that patent is real, the creation and use of adrenochrome are not.

Nowhere in the actual patent does it describe harvesting adrenochrome from children or people. Rather, the chemical compound can be made synthetically in a lab and the patent describes four ways of doing so.

Adrenochrome also is not used as a youth elixir or a drug, in fact, it has no medical application currently.

Although it was studied in the 1950s through the 1970s as a possible cause for schizophrenia - however, no evidence between the two was found.

Its derivative compound, carbazochrome, is a hemostatic medication used to clot blood.

On Instagram when users click on the video, a warning pops up notifying people that the video has been debunked by Lead Stories.

The original TikTok was removed and no account under the username associated with the video can be found anymore. However, the video has still been widely circulated on both TikTok and Instagram.

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