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The scores were tied at seven each on Wednesday afternoon's edition of Countdown when contestant Hannah selected the choices for her first letters game.

Six consonants and three vowels were her picks, which Countdown whizz Rachel Riley then put up on the board.

Little did Hannah or Rachel know that what followed would subsequently be shared thousands of times on social media.

From the letters Q, R, S, I, U, R, K, E and T, Hannah plucked for "squirt", while opponent Berkan went for "squire". Both solid six-letter efforts.

However, as the choices were passed over to 'Dictionary Corner', guest Adam Henson pointed out that '-er' could have been added to Hannah's answer to give the much stronger eight-letter answer of "squirter".

"Like water pistols," Susie Dent added...

Footage then shot to Riley who had the letters up on the board with a smirk on her face.

"Nothing to see here," Riley wrote as she shared the image on Twitter after the show finished.

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