People are sharing angry resignation texts and tiffs the have had with their bosses - and some are truly brilliant.

Posting on an ‘anti-work’ forum on Reddit, people are showing off the reasons they resigned from jobs, or got into conflicts at work, from being asked not to drink on a day off, to being asked last minute to cover for shifts.

One person said they tried to haggle with their boss about their salary when they were asked to come in last minute:

Reddit/ u/somenerdnamedtom

Another quit when their boss called them a “victim” when they requested time off following the death of their father.

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Reddit/ u/tylerro2

A third explained that they quit because their boss gave a disappointing reaction when they said they were ill and couldn’t work.

Reddit/ /deepfriedpickle_yes/

And a fourth said they quit because their boss “threatened” to remove her health insurance benefits if she didn’t come in last minute to cover someone else’s shift.

Reddit/ u/bluepiehax

In other posts, someone claimed their bosses watched them on CCTV to check that they were doing enough work and another boss apparently said their employee had to have their company phone on even when they were not at work.

Sounds like these people haven’t had the best luck. Read more of them here.

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