Starbucks barista divides TikTok by sipping ‘grossest’ drink he’s ever made
@kenmixtape/ TikTok

A Starbucks barista has divided TikTok by making and tasting a drink he says is the “grossest” someone has ever ordered.

Posting on the social media platform, the barista - who frequently goes viral for sharing behind the scenes footage of the coffee shop chain - said someone had ordered thet strange concoction, and shared footage of him reluctantly making it.

“This is the grossest drink anyone has ever ordered,” the video says.

So what is the fuss about? He first mixed lemonade with mango, dragon fruit and ice - so far so uncontroversial.

“Looks normal, doesn’t it?” the video says. “Just wait.”

Then, the video shows him pouring espresso into the otherwise fruity drink.

“This is so disgusting, seriously,” the video says while the barista shakes their head and then shakes the beverage.

Commenting on the video, some said they were definitely not keen on trying it.

“I was like the mango dragonfruit is good tho??? Then the espresso,” one commented.

“… was fine until the espresso was added, like why,” another said.

While a third didn’t mince their words even slightly, and said:

“That’s absolutely rancid.”

But others were less perturbed and said that versions of this drink are popular in other parts of the world.

“Here in Portugal there’s a drink that is freshly made lemonade with an espresso mixed in ice so im not sure im fully weirded out lmao,” one said.

“Lemonade and cold brew (maxagran) is a common drink in some parts of the world so this doesn’t sound that strange lol,” another person added. “Just bc smth is foreign to you doesn’t mean it’s automatically bad!!! You should at least try it before you judge so harshly.”

Fair point but we still think we’d rather stick with a flat white. But if you want to make a decision about the concoction for yourself, you can take a look at it here.

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