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In June we reported on Morgan King, a student in Knoxville, Tennessee, who was blown away by her professors response to an email, detailing she had missed class because she couldn't find any childcare for her daughter.

Professor Hunter told her that next time, King should just bring her baby to class: "I work for the Department of CHILD and FAMILY studies - so how terrible would it be, if I was unwilling to have a child visit our class? "

The spirit has been spreading, it seems, among the American higher education system.

Ashton Robinson is a student and mother at Texas A&M University.

She recently wrote a Facebook status about a similar difficulty.

Ashton wrote:

So today I emailed my Professor before class saying that something came up and I didn't have a sitter for Emmett and he called me back and said to please bring him!

Being a single mom is so challenging but it's people like Dr. Henry Musoma that make life just a tiny bit easier!

THIS is why I'm so proud to be an Aggie!

Definitely something I'll never forget and can't wait to someday tell Emmett that it's because of people like this that mommy was able to graduate from the best university in the world.

She also uploaded some footage:

What a heartbreaker.

And yes, we're talking about both Emmett and Dr. Musoma.

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