New study reveals people want to get intimate with robots

New study reveals people want to get intimate with robots
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A niche study has lifted the lid on people's sexual attitudes towards robots, and it may surprise you.

Researchers from Canada wanted to delve into robosexuality by asking a host of undergraduates their takes, as reported in the Daily Star.

In Connor Leshner and Jessica Johnson's paper Technically in Love: Individual differences relating to sexual and platonic relationships with robots, they collected data and identified broader attitudes that could be tied to robosexuality.

Sociosexual orientation describes someone who is more monogamous over open sexual relationships. Hostile sexism is when people view gender relations as competitive, and lastly, social dominance orientation measures someone's desire to have a hierarchy in groups.

The results revealed that it was the people who were categorised in the hostile sexism group who were more likely to want to get intimate with a robot.

The researchers found that it was men who were up for hooking up with bots. Whereas, women were more open to being friends with electronic partners.


It comes after Berlin opened the doors to the world's first AI brothel filled with VR headsets, sex dolls and private rooms.

A group of "sex positive artists" aim to use technology to create "a safe space for people to explore and connect with their desire and fantasy."

Visitors can choose their companion (in the form of a silicone doll) and hire a private suite for an hour or so, ranging from €89 to €1000 for workshops and events. Women are offered a 30 per cent discount, as per the official Cybrothel website.

People can either play VR X-rated games using the technology or can sext with the dolls through AI software.

Cybrothel partnered with Polybay to create the unique experience that takes advantage of the latest tech. The collaboration "brings the fantasy in the Polybay-created game closer to reality."

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