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Let's be honest, who really knows if they are good in the bedroom or not?

Unless you are oozing with confidence or receive endless compliments, its almost impossible to know.

Could there be other ways of learning about your skills in this all important area?

A Reddit thread titled "What talent outside the bedroom is a sure sign of talent inside the bedroom?" is trying to uncover those hidden bedroom abilities.

bobboobles kicked things off with a joke:

If they're one of those people who can fall asleep anywhere, they will probably be pretty good at sleeping in bed too.

Other suggestions had a more serious, if not playful, edge to them.

Here are some of the best.


Eating a peach and not getting any peach juice on your hands.


I dated a trombone player one time.


10/10 highly recommend.


Getting all of the yoghurt out of the pot without a spoon.


When they lick an envelope and the envelope moans.


Good health.

Good sex is exhausting. Especially if you want to for round 2,3,4...

Not saying you have to be a college athlete to have great sex, that's far from the truth.

But being in decent shape helps a lot.


Playing any musical instrument. Piano?

Hardcore finger skills. Brass?

Hardcore tongue skills. Strings?

They stroke wood all day anyway.


A good saxophone player knows how to use their hands and mouth to make great music.


I can deep throat a banana and swallow it.

A wonderful ice breaker and party trick.


Good communication.

Checking in with you to make sure you're having a good time when you hang out or are just out together, asking questions about what you enjoy and don't enjoy in lots of situations, and most importantly, not throwing a fit when you don't always go along with what they want to do.


Kissing. I know it happens in a bedroom too, but if I'm kissing someone at a bar and we do that well together, then I know sexy time will be fun. If the kisses don't go well, then I have serious doubts about their bedroom abilities.


If someone listens well, they are attentive in most all aspects of their life, not just listening to people.

I.e. they are going to give your body the kind of attention you want in the bedroom.


Conflict resolution.

It sounds funny, but think it through — this person is constantly working towards the best mutual outcome.

They’re assertive, but not aggressive, discerning, but not judgmental, encouraging, but not demanding.

They’re going to treat you right, they’re going to help you treat them right, and you’re both gonna get good and f**ked together.


Massage. I can't believe no one has pointed this out.


I’d imagine anyone who is good at dancing has good control of their body, of rhythm and motion, and is able to respond well to what their partner wants.


Just the way they move. Walking, eating, moving their hair out of their face, sitting down/standing up, even the way they stand when you are talking to them.

If you pay close attention you will notice some people are more comfortable in their body than others, that physical confidence almost always translates to good sex.


Being considerate of others. A woman who is aware of how her actions affect others in everyday settings is always going to be better in the bedroom.


Knowing how to pet a cat.

It shows that you can (a) respond to another living creature, (b) can be patient, and (c) usually have some nice finger twiddling down pat.


For women: Being able to dance is always a good sign. I'm not talking professional type moves but if she can move well to the rhythm you know she's probably good in bed.

For men: Driving skills. It seems weird but the way a guy drives could be a good indicator of his patience, observance, and level of aggressiveness.


Their skill at dolphin/fly kicks while swimming.

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