Man whose car was hit by a flying Tesla wants driver to come clean

Man whose car was hit by a flying Tesla wants driver to come clean
Video shows Tesla flying 50 feet into air in Los Angeles

The LAPD is now offering a $1,000 reward to track down the driver of the incredibly dangerous "flying Tesla" stunt. And now, one man whose car was hit wants to driver to come forward too.

Alex Choi filmed and shared the now-viral clip on March 20th, which shows the unidentified driver speeding in a rented black S-BLM Tesla in Los Angeles. The speed launched the vehicle into the air before crashing back down into several bins and parked cars.

One of the damaged cars belonged to musician, Jordan Hook, who has urged the driver to come forward.

“The person that wrecked my car, I hesitate to tell them what their consequences need to be but I will say the first step is just manning up to the mess you created,” he told TMZ.

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“Show up, talk to the people whose streets you trashed who are now scared to park on their street because they think cars are going to jump into them.

“Last night our street was clear, all the neighbours moved all their cars. Come talk to me, look at the damage.

“In one of the YouTube videos, he comes back ‘30 minutes’ later - it was really like three hours later, after the cops left, after the tow truck left, after the neighbours left.

“Then he comes back to walk down our street to be like, ‘Oh it’s no big deal, smushed trashcan and a little scratch on the back of his car'.”

The musician clarified he was referring to the vlogger who conducted the incident. "Own up and clean up, you know. Come take care of the mess that you’re making in our neighbourhood," he added.

The neighbourhood has since set up a crowdfunding page to pay for the damage of Hook's car, which is currently at $16,769 out of its $20,000 goal. There was a $2,000 donation from Choi.

“Although this guy claims in his video that my car didn't sustain major damage, this isn't true," Hook added. “The back is only banged up on the bumper. But my wheels were turned in towards the curb, and when the Tesla hit my car it jumped the curb, wrenching the wheels under and twisting them up so that it is now un-driveable.

“I just put almost $5,000 into this car getting a new motor put in last month which kind of wiped out my savings.

“Luckily my neighbours Johnny and Cliff suggested that we rally Baxer Street and make a Go-Fund Me as a way to support me and show everyone that jumping a car (with a cat inside) on a neighbourhood street in the middle of the night just for likes and followers is NOT COOL.”

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