Picture: Wikimedia Commons
Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Names can be pesky things. Facebook censored the word "Scunthorpe", which is actually a town in North Lincolnshire, because of the swear word nestled in between its letters.

In light of that, here's a list of places in Britain that fall foul of the social media giant's rules:

Disclaimer: These names may be a tad rude. You have been warned.

1. Willey (Warwickshire)

2. Little Bushey Lane (Hertfordshire)

3. Minge Lane (Worcestershire)

4. Thong (Kent)

5. Bishop Itchington (Staffordshire)

6. Barking (Essex)

7. Fanny Barks (Durham)

8. Crotch Crescent (Oxford)

9. Backside Lane (Oxfordshire)

11. Wetwang (East Yorkshire)

12. Wham Bottom Lane (Lancashire)

13. Titty Hill (Sussex)

14. Friars Entry (Oxfordshire)

15. Wideopen (Newcastle)

16. Horniman (Kent)

17. Shitterton (Dorest)

18. Scratchy Bottom (Dorset)

19. Lickar Moor (Northumberland)

20. Moisty Lane (Staffordshire)

21. Brokenwind (Aberdeenshire)

22. Lord Hereford's Knob (Herefordshire)

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