The adverts that are as stupid as they are offensive


Huggies have come along to change all

Ford Figo

The Kardashian sisters considered legal action over this image, designed by advertising agency JWT India for Ford in 2013, showing them bound and bagged in the boot of a car with a winking Paris Hilton in the front seat. The tagline was "leave your worries behind with Figo’s extra-large boot". Another version of the poster showed the Kardashians wearing ball gags with disgraced former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi making the peace sign from the driver’s seat.

Peta's ‘my boyfriend went vegan’ campaign

for Valentine's Day 2012

Don’t risk dudeness

French pressure group's anti-smoking advert

This anti-smoking advert was so overtly sexual it even shocked French sensibilities. The adverts warned smoking meant being a “slave to tobacco” but were condemned for trivialising sexual abuse.

Peta again

Because any list of offensive adverts needs to have Peta on it at least twice. This ad linking dairy products to autism was pulled in 2008 because it was based on discredited evidence, but it has since resurfaced online.

Paddy Power

Burger King

Home Depot

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