The latest social media challenge is as stupid as it offensive #PantyChallenge

You may have noticed a few people posting photos of their clean underwear on social media of late.

That’s because an attempted social media trend called #PantyChallenge is as ridiculous as it is offensive, and while few people appear to have joined the actual trend, it has got people talking about genital hygiene.

People are being asked to share images of their clean underwear at the end of the day, free of discharge.

The hashtag implies that there’s something wrong with vaginal discharge that you should be ashamed of. The truth is completely the opposite – discharge is a normal bodily function – and it’s something we should talk about.

Discharge is part of the vagina’s way of staying clean and healthy; it can change throughout your menstrual cycle and be affected by hormone levels. It will usually be clear or white, and have a slight smell.

The only reason to be concerned about vaginal discharge is if you notice a sudden increase, or if it changes in colour or smell – you should talk to your doctor.

Fortunately a quick look at the hashtag suggests that more people are now using it to call out the idiocy of the trend, rather than actually to take part.

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