There is an adult-sized version of the toy car everyone had as a child
Picture: BBC/YouTube/screengrab

You probably remember driving around in one of these:

Picture: BBC/YouTube/screengrab

Whether you had one of your own or borrowed the neighbour's, the Little Tikes toy car was a staple part of most people’s childhoods, right up there with alien eggs and scented gel pens.

Well, John Bitmead did what you always secretly wanted to: he made an adult Little Tikes car.

A real one. That works.

The car runs at 70 miles per hour and took 1,000 hours and over £4,000 to build.

Bitmead told BBC:

I just thought what a wonderful thing to make something like that but real.

I had to have no windows because that is absolutely what the toy is.

Bitmead will be driving town - to - town to raise money for children's charities.

You can watch Bitmead drive the car, below.

We have just one question: where can we get one?

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