This Syrian artist is examining the differences between Disney princes and princesses

Artist Saint Hoax is no stranger to controversy.

The Beirut-based Syrian artist takes a Banksy-esque approach to his work, reworking cultural fads into satirical, darkly funny insights into modern life.

The millennial obsession with the Disney princesses we grew up idolising is one of Saint Hoax's favourite topics.

In the past he's reimagined them with period blood stains on their clothes, as victims of domestic abuse and sexual abuse ('When did he stop treating you like a princess?') and presidential candidates.

Now he's decided to take a look at the gender stereotypes they promote by showing how easily princes and princesses can swap roles with the help of make up and different hairstyles.

And so can domestic abuse.

Speaking to The New York Times, Saint Hoax said that as his generation has grown older they have taken Disney characters with them.

There is something quite powerful about mixing classic children’s illustrations with reality.

Taking those characters out of their Utopian setting and placing them in a contemporary context often creates shocking visuals. has reached out to the artist for comment.

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