Picture: when Brittaney Benesh/Imgur
Picture: when Brittaney Benesh/Imgur

Achieving viral-status on something you've posted on the internet is as inexplicable as it is rare; what may be nothing more than a hiccup one day, can capture the hearts and minds of thousands of people all around the world another.

So when Brittaney Benesh innocently posted the following picture of her son onto Imgur, she hadn’t expected him to become a meme:

It's okay, mommy can fix this...

The caption reads:

It’s okay, mommy can fix this…

Her son Ayden, 4, had jumped into a pile of laundry, causing a cut on his forehead.

Self-conscious, he didn’t want to leave the house, so his mum did what any culturally informed mum would have done: she drew Harry Potter’s lightning bolt scar on his forehead, gave him thick black glasses and took pictures.

She told ABC News:

Ayden loved his transformation and was ready to get on with his day.

The Imgur post has been viewed over 140,000 times, and mum seems happy:

It's not every day your son breaks the internet, after all.

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