This is possibly the world's most awkward masturbation story

This is possibly the world's most awkward masturbation story

Before you begin to read this article, take a moment to think about the most awkward thing that has ever happened to you. The following anecdote will make you feel better about it, we promise.

Refinery29, the same people who asked women for their take on what they call masturbation, have released a new video featuring awkward masturbation stories.

In the process, they uncovered this gem from Betsy who revealed:

My grandmother had gifted, I guess it was my Dad, with a body massager for his shoulder. I was trying it one day and then I started playing with it. I put it in my pants. Then it was time to go to college and I took it with me. I lived in a suite with three other girls. I came back from class one day and they were sitting there watching TV. I had left it on my bed and one of them was just like using it. They were all using it as a body massager. I couldn't tell them that I was using it to masturbate because I was embarrassed so I just let them play with it forever, for the rest of the year. Then it became the dorm room's body massager after it had been my little naughty secret vagina massager. So the massaging wand from an as seen on TV ad, to my grandmother, to my Dad, to me, to my vagina, to college, to four roommates, plus friends that would come over, plus maybe even my roommates figured out another use for it and it was also their little personal massager for their vagina which makes me feel very uncomfortable now that I think about it.

Watch the full video here.

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