We all tidy the house a bit when we're selling it, give it a lick of paint, clean the carpet, whip on a panda suit.

Wait, what?

Yes, really: a man has dressed in a panda costume to maximise the chances of selling his £425,000 property in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The property listing photos look like this:

Pictures: Rightmove

It's a lovely house, but be honest, you couldn't remember any of the rooms because HE'S DRESSED AS A BLOODY PANDA.

He's also made a supercut tour of his house. It's absolutely magnificent.

I mean, the panda/host pretends to be naked in the shower in some kind of Donald Duck homage, and, well...

The music certainly adds a dimension. You just need to watch it, really - we can't do it justice.

Watch the full video, below:

The idea for the panda suit came from Richard Welpton, the director of the estate agents, Quick and Clarke, who told indy100:

As an estate agent, 50 per cent of when you can sell it is luck.

A few years ago a customer asked me what can we do to get more exposure. I said 'You should do some guerrilla advertising – we could dress up as furry animals!'

So eventually I bought panda suit on eBay and that’s how we’ve ended up here.

The client, Lee Wilson, told the Telegraph:

Richard asked me if I fancied doing something a bit different to market the house. When I asked how different he produced a panda suit.

And history was made.

Richard Welpton told indy100

He hasn’t had an offer yet – unfortunately most of the interest has been national, we need local interest really, so we’re hoping to get a few more people talking locally.

But we’ve definitely had a lot of exposure – I wouldn’t be talking to you otherwise.

We do have a viewing this week, so I’m optimistic about that - you’ve got to be optimistic as an estate agent!

The property has only been on the market since April, so there's still plenty of time yet.

When asked if he had any more ideas for future listings, Richard said:

I’ve got some thoughts for future properties, but I’ll have to keep them to myself!

Doing some listing photos naked - with people sat around naked in the houses - that might be an interesting thing, there'd be a lot of interest.

If you can find me anyone then feel free to get them talking to me!

It'd definitely guarantee some exposure (sorry).

What a time to sell a five-bedroom house.

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