This woman has found the best way to respond to trolls

Introducing Marie Brian, who you may know as the cross stitcher [Cotton Floozy.]1

Like pretty much every other woman on the internet, Brian occasionally encounters some hateful online comments. She decided to deal with the hate by, as she puts it, "adorable-ising" it.

In a blog post, Brian explains she saw a nasty comment about her online by someone she used to know, and "decided to handle the situation by turning something mean into something frickin' adorable".

I lifted one sentence from the online hate rant, an admittedly awesome and clever line that didn't involve spitting threats or rampant f-bombs, and stitched it on some muslin and framed it in an embroidery hoop and gave it a pompom trim.

And listen, everybody rants about somebody sometimes. Good people say horrible things all the time. And horrible people say good things all the time. I don't know how to sort it all out. Haters gonna hate, stitchers gonna stitch.

As the Huffington Post reports, Brian is now also stitching excerpts from texts and personal messages, and has stitched some of the hate her friends received online .

"One of my favorite lady bloggers - @thekimbongiorno - received this comment. 'That woman's face is terrifying as f*ck.' I added an asterisk to make it family restaurant friendly for my viewers."

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