Woman who was revived after drowning explains what dying feels like

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after sharing her experience of being revived after getting into trouble in a pool - and how it felt as she was drowning.

User @slimkardi created the video in response to the question, ‘Can anyone who’s not afraid of dying or death please tell me why?’ and explained why her experience has caused her to not fear death.

The clip now has more than 2.1 million views and 725,000 likes on the app.

Woman answers this question by another TikToker on near death experience.

She describes how she was playing in the pool with her neighbour and got into difficulty.

She went on to say, “I’m still not sure if I was resuscitated or what happened, because obviously I wasn’t coherent, but I can tell you it didn’t hurt.

“I was drowning. I was very nervous you know, and I was very afraid and it started to freak me out. But when I inhaled the water I didn’t really feel anything.”

Like many people who have had near death experiences, @slimkardi describes how she saw “a very bright light” and how her light was “filled with images, showed me my past, my future.”

Thankfully, she woke up on the side of the pool after someone resuscitated her.

She explains how her experience made her better understand death: “Now, not only have I had many encounters with strange, spiritual occurrences, I started to realise, this is why people torture each other. Because death is not painful, but torture is.”

TikTok users flooded the video’s comment section with their thoughts.

One user said, “It’s not death that scares me, it’s more like the unknown of what comes after.” Many users seemed agree as more than 45,000 people liked the comment.

Another wrote, “It’s not death I’m scared of, I’m scared of HOW I die yo.”

However you feel about death, it’s certainly an interesting insight.

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