Everyone feels that their pet is special — but this TikTok-famous dog truly is extraordinary.

Three-legged dog Dexter, 6, has become something of a celebrity on the app due to his rather unusual gait.

Instead of using his three legs, he instead walks — and even runs — on two legs.

His owner Kentee Pasek from Ouray, Colorado regardly shares clips of Dexter with his 640,000 followers on TikTok.


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Dexter’s unique strut is due to the loss of one of his front legs after being hit by a truck in March 2016.

He had a slow recovery after going through five surgeries within one year, and had two sets of pins put into his remaining arm.

In May 2016 during his recovery, he started gradually shifting his weight onto his hind legs.

Now, the Brittany dog is back to living his best life.


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Speaking to Team Dogs, Kentee said it was touch and go when the accident first happened, and they weren’t even sure if he would survive the 45-minute trip to the vet.

Although the road was long, Dexter’s positivity never waned and now that he’s fully recovered, he’s “just another normal family dog”.

Kentee said Dexter has a tendency to turn heads when they’re out and about, but he loves the attention.

He wears a hat occasionally, and sometimes sports a stylish bandana.


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Kentee said: “Dexter is a super fun, family-oriented dog. He is very goofy, funny, happy and positive. He loves people and will say hi to just about anyone.”

“People are not sure what to make of him the first time they see him. It shocks them. Once they take in what they have seen and actually watched a dog walk upright they are so super happy.”

This extends to TikTok too, with Kentee regularly sharing videos of Dexter’s everyday adventures with the world.

He regularly reels in comments from people who say he’s made their day, or he’s made them smile.

Laughing at his confident stride in one of the videos, one user commented: “Please he walks around like he pays the bills.”

“Imagine him having the zoomies at 3am, I’d s*** bricks,” another commenter wrote.

A TikTok account called We Rate Dogs with over half a million followers wrote: “Dexter you’re amazing. That’s all.”

We can’t argue with that.

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