TikTok fitness influencer proves just how worryingly far body standards for women have gone

TikTok fitness influencer proves just how worryingly far body standards for women have gone

A fitness influencer has highlighted how unrealistic body standards continue to be for women after facing criticism for her physique.

Morgan Dawson, who has over a million subscribers across social media, shared a video in which she addressed repeated comments about her shape.

“I’m still getting a lot of comments on people asking me why I ain’t got no hips. I don’t know, this is how I was born,” she said.

“Hips are bone, you can’t grow bone. If you can show me how to grow bone, and I’ll do it.”

The 30-second video, which has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, proves just how much pressure is put on young women to conform to a certain beauty standard and an unrealistic one at that.

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Dawson’s video was flooded with supportive comments, with fans thanking her for her refreshing honesty.

One commented: “I needed to see this today. I’m self conscious about my hip dips and it’s relieving to be reminded hip dips are gorgeous and natural.”

Another wrote: “Omg, preach. I swear most of these men out here are so fixated on unrealistic body shapes they expect us all to have hourglasses.”

Dawson’s comments highlight how desensitised people have become to bodies of all shapes and sizes, with social media awash with women who claim to have transformed their figures through exercise alone.

The conversation spilled off of Dawon’s page, with people reminding each other of what should be blindingly obvious: it is not possible to grow the hip bone at the gym.

Dawson insisted she loved her frame the way it is, and “wouldn’t look any better if I had more hips”.

She added: “Ladies don’t let the internet bully you into self hate, because it will really try you.”

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