Baffling optical illusion shows man driving ‘invisible car’

<p>The ‘invisible car’ man even has his own dedicated Reddit thread </p>

The ‘invisible car’ man even has his own dedicated Reddit thread


A man ‘driving an invisible car’ has taken to TikTok to showcase his skills – leaving fellow users baffled.

The mind-blowing optical illusion shows TikTokker, @lightskinyogi, acting out a generic car routine. Things seem pretty normal as he pretends to click his seatbelt into place and ‘puts the car into gear.’ He then ‘kicks down on the accelerator’ and takes off across the room, quite literally.

People’s confusion quickly turned to skepticism with claims that he had simply reversed the video to achieve the effect - some had even suggested he had used a green screen.

People have become so invested in the ‘invisible car man’ that the TikTokker now has his own Reddit thread dedicated to theories on how he does it. It’s even complete with a compilation of his past videos for closer inspection.

The disbelief prompted the TikToker to perform the driving act over and over again, but following his followers’ directions. This way, he could ‘prove’ the videos had not been edited or tampered with.

One user requested a video with the TV on to judge whether it had been reversed.

Followers can\u2019t figure out how he does it  Followers can’t get to the bottom of how he does it TikTok

Another asked the TikToker to position a mirror behind him, in hopes that would give away his tricks.

Unfortunately, a mirror didn\u2019t bring followers closer to sussing it outUnfortunately, a mirror didn’t bring followers closer to sussing it outTikTok

While another pointed out that he never shows his back. Of course, the TikToker performed the routine with his back in full-view.

The optical illusion has everyone\u2019s minds blown The optical illusion has everyone’s minds blown TikTok

One user commented: “I literally can’t stop watching”.

While another asked: “I watch these videos 5 times minimum each video”

One follower still isn’t convinced. She commented: “Naahh... Still don’t believe it. Do it with the camera pointing to the direction you’re going’.”

Mind. Blown.

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