Viral video shows cop delivering Door Dash after the driver was arrested

Ring Doorbell Captures Neighbour Reversing Car into House

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your food delivery driver suddenly got arrested? Well, TikTok user Anastasia Elsinger found out.

The Sioux Falls, South Dakota resident ordered food and a drink from Arby's via Door Dash on Tuesday expecting to find her delivery driver at her door. But when Elsinger answered, she was surprised to find a police officer.

The Sioux Falls police officer, identified as Sam Buhr in a Facebook group, stood at Elsinger's door with food and drink in hand.

"I know I'm not who you're expecting," the officer said. "But your driver got arrested so I figured I'd complete the Door Dash." Elsinger's Ring doorbell captured the entire interaction.

#ring #doordash


#ring #doordash

#ring #doordash

Elsinger can be heard laughing hysterically as the officer hands off the food and walks away. The video has over 8 million views with 3 million likes and 20K comments.

"Man went on a side quest," TikTok user @benjamin_doever commented.

"What are the chances," user @vsxiop said.

According to a Facebook group post, the Door Dash driver was arrested during a traffic stop for outstanding warrants, but it is unclear what the warrants were for.

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