TikTok remove account of teen who randomly walked into families home

TikTok remove account of teen who randomly walked into families home

TikTok remove account of teen who randomly walked into families home


A teenager who filmed himself walking into a stranger’s house has deleted his account after strong backlash.

The clip was posted by 18-year-old TikToker @secretmizzy and quickly went viral on TikTok, gathering well over 1.5 million views before it was removed. A TikTok spokesperson confirmed his account was removed for violating their Community Guidelines.

In the video, the TikToker filmed himself, alongside two friends, saying: “Walking into random houses. Let’s go.”

He then proceed to film as he approached a luxury London townhouse and opened the gate, walking past a woman who was sweeping in the front garden.

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The TikToker walked right past her and through the open front door. Meanwhile, the homeowner could be heard shouting for her partner inside the house to come and handle the unfolding situation. He was initially accompanied by a young child.

@secretmizzy made himself comfortable on the sofa before asking the homeowners, “Is this not where the study group is?” The male homeowner asked the three teens to leave because they had children in the house, saying: “I've got kids, man.”

Speaking to the Daily Star about his controversial actions, the TikToker explained: “It is unfortunate that there were minors present in the house, however, none of them were harmed or negatively affected.”

He added: “If I had known there were children in the house I would have never went in at all.”

When asked if his actions went too far, the 18-year-old argued: “Too far? In whose eyes? I do what I’ve been doing and I know the repercussions of the things I do. Perhaps it was a bit far, however, I don’t encourage anyone to repeat my actions.”

On Twitter, where the clip was reposted and remains up, it has been viewed almost 19 million times, with multiple comments about how stupid and reckless the boys’ actions were.

Someone tweeted: “Breaking into people's homes, risking your life and possibly getting arrested all for TikTok views is just insanity.”

Meanwhile, streamer Hasan Piker added: "yah you cant do this in America."

Update: This article was amended on May 22nd. It originally contained an erroneous caption that was not related to this article and was due to a technical error.

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