Woman shares genius travel hack on TikTok for when you have zero baggage allowance

Woman shares genius travel hack on TikTok for when you have zero baggage allowance

We all know the struggle of attempting to fit all our clothes into one convenient bag in order to avoid an extra baggage charge by the airport.

But one TikToker has shared her ingenious hack of how you can travel with your clothing essentials on your shoulders.

Kristen Black (@kristenashleyblack) shared footage of herself at the airport with just a small backpack with her which wouldn’t be able to fit all of her clothes in.


save space save money @ryanair #travelhacks

She then shows how to “save space, save money” by placing her knitted polo neck jumper on the ground and proceeds to pile the rest of her clothes on top.

The on-screen caption read: “How to pack for your Ryanair flight.”

After stacking the clothes, Kristen then rolls up her jumper from the neck, creating a “DIY neck pillow” for herself which she can be seen tying around her neck with the sleeves to make a comfy and convenient neck rest.

Once her neck pillow is secure, the TikToker gathers her toiletries and packs them in her small backpack, as it’s no longer needed for her clothes.

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Of course, we also have to take into consideration the souvenirs purchased while on holiday and Kristen also has a solution which means it won’t take up any more room in your bag.

She places her toy rabbit she bought on her head and then pulls out her woolly hat which she places over her head to secure her souvenir in position.

The TikToker can also be seen making use of out of her large pockets in her long coat.

Finally, she shows her finished look off to demonstrate how she has utilised these different hacks so she doesn’t have to pay for extra baggage - much to the disappointment of the airline.

At the end, the on-screen caption read: “Ready for Paris fashion week + saving money so win win.”

Since sharing her advice, Kristen’s video has received 2.8m views, with over 260,000 likes and thousands of comments from people.

Ryanair’s official TikTok account responded to the clip fearfully and wrote: “Bestie I’m scared.”

Some were impressed with the hack said they’re going to try it out for themselves.

One person wrote: “Stoppp I have a Ryanair flight tomorrow and I only have cabin bags, I’m gunna be wearing three t-shirts.”

“No cause I’m taking notes,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “Wait but this is so smart imma do this with Spirit and United [airlines].”

While others were more concerned with Kristen rolling up her clothes on the floor.

One person wrote: “Even if covid wasn’t still a thing... still... the floor... it’s dirty.”

“Nobody talking about the fact she put her clothes on the airport’s FLOOR???” Another person said.


People in the comments were also confused as to how she managed to get past security, and Kristen explained that she packed the clothes in her backpack at security but it wouldn’t fit under her seat so she did the hack after getting through security at her flight gate.

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