Woman canceled date as soon as she saw man - then fat-shamed him by text

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A man has opened up about the upsetting moment his date was cancelled, then he was fat-shamed by a woman he was meeting from Tinder.

Posting about his experience on Reddit’s Tinder forum, the man revealed how his date - which let’s be honest is already a nerve-wracking time - turned out terribly.

The man explained that this was his first Tinder experience in a long time and he’d arrived at the agreed-upon date location.

But, while he waited for his date to arrive, he received a shocking text from his date saying she could see him and had changed her mind because he is “too fat”.

In the screenshot of their message exchange, his date wrote: “I just saw you from afar and I’m sorry I can’t meet you. I don’t like guys who are too fat, I’m not attracted to them.

“I’m sorry so it’s better for me to [go] back home than to pretend I liked you. Good luck with your upcoming dates on Tinder.”

The man replied to the message saying that his weight was no secret and it was clear on his profile. He told his would-be date, “I’m literally shirtless in one of them”. His date replied saying, “But I thought you were less fat”.

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As part of his post, the man also explained to readers, “I don’t know how she couldn’t tell I’m the size I am considering I have my gut out on my tinder profile and my Insta isn’t making me skinny either”.

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His post has been upvoted over 61,000 times and he has been flooded with support from other Redditors.

One person gave their support, writing: “She a clown bro.. don't listen to her.”

Someone else said: “She sounds like a real gem. Bloody red flag parade there, and rude too.”

Another reassured him, adding: “Honestly that’s pretty fucked up. There’s a ton of girls that are into people who aren’t super skinny, you dodgin a bullet.”

In recent Tinder news, US users are now able to conduct in-app criminal background checks.

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