Man helps Tinder date give birth - on their fourth date

Man helps Tinder date give birth - on their fourth date
Alyssa Hodges reveals how her Tinder date helped her give birth on ...

Tinder couple, Alyssa Hodges and Max Silvy, had only been on three dates when Hodges gave birth to her son on their fourth date.

A memorable date for sure.

In a TikTok posted by Alyssa, she explains that she had only been dating Silvy for eight weeks before her water suddenly broke, ruining her plan to pick Silvy up from the airport. "I texted him and said 'I'm so sorry my water is actually breaking and I'm stuck at the hospital you gotta find a way home,'" Hodges said.

As soon as Silvy got home, he unpacked and headed to the hospital to be with Hodges. "He ended up coming and he ended up basically being my biggest supporter," Hodges said.

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The 19-year-old was terrified to become a new mom and with no other family or friends around, Silvy became a pseudo dad to her son.


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Commenters were baffled by the couple's story and Silvy's decision to support Hodges through her birth, despite the couple not knowing each other for long.

"THAT is what you call a Dad! Love this story so much!" @nat.alise commented.

"The ultimate, "If we wanted to he would!" story," @sheyenne_l commented.

"He's a keeper," @jaybeez82 said.

Hodges revealed that while Silvy is not her son's biological father, he has taken on the role of dad. Following her son's birth, Silvy took a week off work to help Hodges adjust to becoming a new mom and visit her son in the NICU.

The Australian couple revealed in a video that they are still together and planning on moving in together.

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