'Don't make unnecessary journeys' meme resurfaces as Storm Eunice hits the UK

'Don't make unnecessary journeys' meme resurfaces as Storm Eunice hits the UK
Weather reporter pleading 'don't make unnecessary journeys' in viral clip resurfaces
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As Storm Eunice batters the UK today, the Met Office has issued red weather warnings across the South of England and urged people to stay indoors.

Of course with the news coverage of the storm, we will inevitably see poor news reporters out on the front lines battling the treacherous conditions to provide updates on the weather - and this has reminded people of a classic weather meme.

Irish journalist Teresa Mannion knows all too well the struggle of giving a live news report in extreme wind and rain after a clip of her coverage of Storm Desmond when viral back in 2015 which battered Ireland's west coast of Galway where she was reporting from in Salthill.

In the clip, the RTE News reporter is drenched while struggling to stand still against the strong winds and can be seen holding her earpiece and clutching her microphone in place as she dramatically shouts her latest updates, which delivered the iconic quote:

"Don’t make unnecessary journeys, don’t take risks on treacherous roads.”

As a result of becoming a viral sensation, several hilarious parodies and remixes of the video were created to solidify its meme status

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So given the similarly awful weather that's occurring right now, it's a warning message that certainly resonates and this has led to the meme resurfacing as people on social media reshare the classic clip.

Mannion previously revealed what it was like to become an overnight viral sensation, she told RSVP Magazine: "It was absolutely treacherous and I didn’t know that I was shouting as loudly as I was because I was in my own little bubble.

"The weather intensified as the report continued, but I couldn’t stop because we were live and the rest is history," she said.

"Within 48 hours the report had gone all around the world, there were dances remixes, memes and so many offspins created after the bulletin. I totally embraced it and took it on-board, there was very little negativity afterwards and I wasn’t trolled online."

Elsewhere, Ireland has also felt the wrath of Storm Eunice with tens of thousands of homes currently without power in the south of the country and as a result, it has caused schools and colleges across the Republic to close today (February 18).

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