Self-proclaimed psychic Uri Geller claims he was taken to a secret US military facility where he was shown “alien artifacts”.

Speaking to The Daily Star, the spoon-bender claimed he was once led into a US government facility and shown objects that “felt alive”, and appeared to be “breathing”.

The 74-year-old also revealed how he got his alleged psychic powers in the first place — aliens, obviously. When he was just three years old he was struck by a “bright light” from a UFO that “activated” his psychic powers.

Geller said he was taken to a laboratory by the US government and was shown a piece of metal from a crashed UFO. Allegedly a US soldier wearing an orange coat with the NASA insignia on it joined him in the lab.

He said: "A huge fridge door was opened and my jaw dropped. There were loads of bits of UFOs and that validated the existence of aliens for me."

He said the material he was shown “felt alive” and as though it was “breathing”.

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However, despite Geller sharing this insight, the public are not yet ready for the truth.

He teased: “Area 51, UFOs, it’s all true. The major world leaders know about it but the public is not ready for the truth unfortunately. The US government knows a lot more than it is letting on.

"Sooner or later I want to catch UFOs and prove their existence but Earth is not ready yet. One day we’ll be ready to interact.

"There will be a light in the sky which zooms away in speeds beyond technological possibilities."

He added that two of his celeb pals — music legend John Lennon and boxing champion Muhammed Ali — also saw flying saucers during their lifetimes.

Although Geller’s claims seem a little out-of-this-world, the Pentagon has admitted to testing UFO debris. 

In June we also saw the highly-anticipated Pentagon report into 144 reported sightings of “unidentified aerial phenomenon” since 2004. Although the report outlined that there is no clear evidence of alien life — they haven’t necessarily ruled it out.

Alongside being claimed telekinetic prowess when it comes to cutlery, he’s also taken credit for causing a leak in the House of Commons and for helping England in their Euros clash against Germany by shouting “one, two, three, bend”.

If he truly can influence football games and was rooting for England, the only logical conclusion we have for why England didn’t win the UEFA European Football Championship was that Geller must have fallen asleep during the penalties.

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