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A woman has been left feeling incredibly disgusted after a suspicious bag of yellow liquid was pushed under her Zara dressing room.

In the viral TikTok making the rounds across the platform, Andrea (@andreagio102) explained: "I'm' literally trying on clothes in Zara on fifth ave right now, and someone just pushed this into my dressing room under the certain."

Visibly disgusted, she then revealed the "bag of urine", saying: "Oh my god, I think it's pee. Guys, that literally smells like p**s."

An employee of the New York store removed the bag from the changing room.

Hundreds of fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip, with some claiming the bizarre incident is common in the retail sector.

"I use to work at Zara and honestly, people peeing in fitting rooms happens in probably every retail store," one suggested. At the same time, another added: "Unfortunately coming from a former retail worker, that's common. The uncommon piece is that it's' in a baggy and was pushed under your room".

"I would be so embarrassed that they would think it was me that I'd' probably pack it out of there myself," one TikToker confessed, while another took a moment for the Zara employee, writing: "That worker does not get paid enough."

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More retail staff shared their disturbing dressing room encounters...

One who claimed to be a former Adidas employee said that "instead of it being in a bag, it was all over the padded floor."

Another gross horror story revealed: "I worked in retail when I was a teen and someone pooped on the floor and I had to clean it up and I will never forget that day."

Meanwhile, a third added: "When I worked at Gstar on 5th, someone took the greenest dump I've ever seen in the fitting room."

Indy100 reached out to Zara for comment.

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