US comedian loses his cool with unimpressed Brit in the audience

US comedian loses his cool with unimpressed Brit in the audience
Comedian responds to male hecklers harassing her throughout show

A US comedian lost his cool when an unimpressed British audience member treated his set with hostility.

In a viral clip viewed over 10.2 million times on TikTok, Akaash Singh (@akaashsinghcomedy) was shown asking fellow comedians whether they experienced similar coldness from the man in the front row.

One comedian told Akaash, "He didn't even look at me," before showing a snippet from his set.

"You look like you read a lot of books," the comedian said to the Brit, to which he responded: "Yeah, I wish I was reading one right now."


When Akaash hit the stage, he wasn't quite prepared for what was to happen next.

The comedian started his conversation with the Brit by simply asking how he and his partner met, before joking that the south of the US is "more open-minded than you think" and he shouldn't be nervous.

"Oh, I'm not nervous," the man hit back.

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Akaash continued his set, but suddenly "lost it" when he noticed the bored-looking man playing with his hands.

He launched into a rant about the Queen, before telling the man he should go home and watch Mr Bean.

Akaash said, "Guy thinks he's funnier than me, f***ing Brits dude."

"I'm so glad that b***h died, so glad that b***h died," he continued.

"I swear to god I used to tell people I want to move to London... yeah, I changed my mind just now."

The TikTok clip was flooded with thousands of divisive comments, with one saying: "Comedians were a bit outa line like, my man was just sitting and saying nothing. You can’t expect to make everyone laugh."

"I bet they didn’t have a second date," another joked.

Meanwhile, one fan penned: "HAHAHAHA man I love Akaash bro."

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