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Vegan pork scratchings have arrived and the internet is divided.

A company named Vegan Pigare looking for funding. As per their Kickstarter page:

Somehow we’ve captured the taste of the beast. The crunch of the beast. And even that weird little soft bit (of the beast).

It seems a strange business plan, given most vegans would be unlikely to miss nor have a hankering for pork scratchings. In a tweet, the company had this to say:

We are Vegan Pig, the world’s first vegan pork scratching. We’ve got a delicious product but we need a little help funding the next stage. Will you be our Enrique Iglesias? Will you be our hero, baby?

The people, as is their wont, had opinions.

First, there are those that think they look great.

Then there are those that think they are an abomination and a crime against food.

Others had questions.

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