Wendy’s worker claims 17 people quit on the same day: ‘America’s work market is out of a dystopian novel’

Wendy’s worker claims 17 people quit on the same day: ‘America’s work market is out of a dystopian novel’

A former Wendy’s employee has taken to TikTok with a shocking claim that 17 people quit their job on the same day.

In a viral clip, that has since racked over 1.4 million views, @mintjuul.666 showed the drive-thru screen covered with a white sheet of paper that read “We Quit” after several fellow employees apparently realised “how sh*t it was.”

He claimed that his general manager, assistant general manager, and about six shift managers all initially quit, which led to an assistant manager promotion.

After three months of allegedly single-handedly running the store with no help from upper management and reportedly “working 85 hours a week, every week with no day off” on $14.77, Wendy’s finally brought in a new general manager.

“She came in and essentially ruined this place within two weeks,” he claimed, which left 34 members of staff on the brink of leaving.

Subsequently, he told everyone he had enough, which prompted him and 17 other Wendy’s employees to reportedly quit that very same day. The TikTok user said that they celebrated their last day with a taco night in the fast-food chain, before closing the store without cleaning up as they generally would.

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since people wanted to know 😭it’s pretty interesting btw 🥴#wendys #unbearable #fyp #foryoupage

Hundreds of fellow TikTok users flocked to comment on the viral clip, with one writing: “85 hours a week is almost literally double the legal limit in Denmark. America’s work market is out of a dystopian sci-fi novel.”

Another user added: “Corporate culture is literally cancer. You literally kept that restaurant alive for $14.77 per hour with insane hours.”

Others suggested a change in customer attitude over the pandemic. “Customers have gotten worse after Covid. Extremely demanding, rude and entitled. We ALL deserve better treatment and more pay,” one commented.

“Not to mention since the pandemic hit customers have become more demanding and entitled as if we can’t refuse service,” another said.

Indy100 has reached out to Wendy’s and @mintjuul.666 for comment.

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