What happens when you pour molten copper on a Big Mac is horrifying

Photo: Joerg Koch/AFP/Getty Images
Photo: Joerg Koch/AFP/Getty Images

No matter what we seem to do to McDonald's burgers, they manage to survive.

A recent video that shows a four-year-old burger still in pristine condition thoroughly disturbed the internet.

And now, YouTube user Tito4re has decided to try and kill a Big Mac with fire. Or more specifically, molten copper.

Here's what happened:

He took two burgers (one for eating, one for experimenting) to prove they were normal, freshly purchased Big Macs.

He then goes to fetch a ladle's worth of boiling scrap copper lava (please don't try this at home).

As you might expect, it burns the bun pretty throughly.

But then he pours the molten metal onto the burger patty - which is the point we started freaking out a bit.

Nothing. Happens. NOTHING. The fiery substance bounces off the surface of the burger. Copper melts at 1085 degrees Celcius.

Here's the post-molten copper burger, still appearing as though hot fiery metal hadn't just been poured onto it. Looks like a barbecue really...

After a thorough cooking of all the Big Mac's constituent parts...

Eventually, it does turn crispy, but you can still very clearly see that while charred, the burger wasn't destroyed.

The results are in: McDonald's burgers are immortal.

Here's the video:

All pictures: Screengrabs via Tito4re/YouTube

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