Comedian Munya Chawawa sums up the royal trip to Jamaica in hilarious sketch

Comedian Munya Chawawa sums up the royal trip to Jamaica in hilarious sketch
Jamaicans call for slavery reparations as British royals visit
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Comedian Munya Chawawa has once again hit the nail on the head in his latest video.

Prince William and Kate Middleton this week went to Jamaica, but it was not without its controversy.

The pair have been met with criticism, with some calling for an apology for human rights abuses and reparations for slavery. There have also been calls for Jamaica to oust the Queen as head of state and declare itself a republic, like neighbouring island Barbados did in 2021.

This naturally provided fertile ground for one of Chawawa’s famous sketches.

The one-minute-long skit begins with someone asking “Willy” how Jamaica was.

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Willy complained about the protests, and said: “The most exciting thing we did was hold hands with some poor children”.

“That sounds nice,” another character says, before Willy bats him away by saying: “Oh shut up Andrew”.

No prizes for guessing who that is supposed to be.

Willy continued ranting: “Papa, even Beenie Man wanted us to leave… Jamaican fellow, covered in chains”.

“Ah yes, we used to have a few of those,” “Papa” responded.

He then revealed that “Sean Paul” had released a new tune called Forget Lizzie, which featured lyrics such as: “Forget Lizzie, head of state? Not really. Don’t rate Prince Willy ‘till he reparates my killies”.

When asked how many views the clip had, Willy said “not even 18”. The fictional Andrew then pops out once more and asked: “Sorry?”

Willy continued complaining: “I just can’t believe we were sent halfway across the world and then sent back on a boat with absolutely nothing to show for it.”

“Papa”, who then “sighs in Windrush”, responded: “You know Willy, it just goes to show, some people in this world are pure evil”.

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