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From mass protests to calls for impeachment, there have already been many moves to take down Donald Trump’s presidency.

But there’s tactic that has been tried yet:


Until now that is.

A document has been doing the rounds in online magic circles, detailing a ritual with the ominous title:

A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him

Yes, witches all over the world are planning to cast a spell on Trump.

And they want you to help.

So how do you do it?

The instructions are presented in a clear fashion, understandable to both the most seasoned witch, and the beginner who wants together involved.

Participants are instructed to undertake the ritual at midnight tonight (24 February), and then on the stroke of midnight on every waning crescent moon until he is removed from office.

The simple spell requires a few everyday household items, including:

Unflattering photo of Trump (small)

Tower tarot card (from any deck)

Tiny stub of an orange candle (cheap via Amazon)

It then involves carving Trump’s name into the candle, reciting a pre-written ritual, and then burning the photo.

Even Lana Del Rey is getting in on the action.

As you might expect, this has not gone down well with God-fearing Trump supporters – and they are now posting their own prayer to combat the witches’ spells.

The website Christian Nationalism even offers up this stern warning:

This instance stands out to me because they are attempting to enlist the aid of non-religious liberals.

These people, mostly young, who may be riled up by the non-stop media attacks on President Trump are a fertile recruiting ground for Satanic groups.

The ‘Satanic Panic’ of the 1980s lives, folks!

Should you be an experienced proponent of the dark arts, or merely interested in getting involved, the full instructions for ‘A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him’ are here.

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