Woman claims she’s actually her boyfriend’s landlord and he has no idea – and TikTok is divided

<p>TikToker Jayne makes a confession that has left users divided </p>

TikToker Jayne makes a confession that has left users divided


A woman made a confession that has left people divided over her relationship dynamic with her boyfriend.

TikToker Jayne (@jaynedoee0) explained how she and her boyfriend have been living together for a year and, while he has been taking care of the rent and “all the major bills”, there’s something that Jayne has been hiding from him – and it's pretty big.

In the video, she claims that she is in fact her boyfriend’s landlord since she owns the building that they’re living in. This means that all the money the boyfriend has been stumping up for rent is actually going directly into Jayne’s pocket.

She asks in her caption: “Do y’all think he’ll be mad once he finds out?”

We personally can’t imagine he would be too best pleased to hear this information – and plenty of viewers tended to agree.

Since sharing her admission, Jayne’s video has been viewed over 1.3m times, with nearly 200,000 likes and thousands of comments from people debating over whether Jayne is right or wrong to withhold this information from her boyfriend.

One person wrote: “That’s so wrong. Show’s you’re just using him. Poor guy.”

“If you have to scheme like this to be with your man you’re sad. Obvy [sic] he’s a good man and doesn’t mind taking care of you. He gone as he finds out [sic],” another person said.

Someone else added: “I couldn’t keep that kind of secret or break that type of trust with my person.”

“I just wanna understand the thought process behind this and why it was needed,” a fourth person replied.

But there were many people who described Jayne’s plan as “smart” and “brilliant” and argued the boyfriend would’ve still been paying these bills anyway if he were not with Jayne.

One person wrote: “One mess up = eviction. Girl you are SMART.”

“Y’all are acting like he’s wouldn’t have to pay bills on his own anyway. Get your coin boo!” Another person replied.


“I am screaming with laughter. You’re brilliant,” a fourth person added.

It seems the secret is out – and we wonder how Jayne’s boyfriend feels about it all...

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