Woman loses it after finding out her dad and stepmom have given their new daughter her name

Woman loses it after finding out her dad and stepmom have given their new daughter her name
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One woman has vented her anger after her dad and step mum revealed they are going to give their daughter the same name as her.

The 22-year-old vented about her predicament in a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole [AITA] forum.

In the post, she explained she had uninvited her step mum and father from their joint baby shower and went into the unbelievable reason why.

She explained in the post that when she was born, her parents were only just out of high school. Around that time, her father had just lost his grandmother and his father a few years before that, so she was named Helena Jesse after them, and took her mum’s surname.

Her dad remarried and the couple have four sons. They discovered they were expecting a girl around the same time she was also expecting to give birth.

She and her step mum had planned to have a joint baby shower bringing all of the extended family together to celebrate both babies.

But the conflict came when she found out that his dad and his new wife are planning on naming their new baby daughter Helena Jessie.

She wrote: “I call my dad and he explains that he wants to keep those names in the family and that our names are going to be different because I have my mom's last name and this girl will have his.

“I tried to argue that it was already used by me and he couldn't steal my name.”

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She went on: “I literally lost it on him and told him that until they changed the name, they can't come to the shower.”

The woman revealed her decision had split the family – her stepmother was obviously upset at being banned from the baby shower, but her own mother is on her side.

She added: “My uncle's been calling me an AH about getting mad at a name since his daughter's middle name is Helena and I wasn't bothered by that.

“But I feel like everyone's missing the point.”

In the comments, it was pretty clear who people were choosing to side with.

One person wrote: “Yeah this sound suspiciously like your father wants a do-over... the same first and middle names for two children. No.

“Your stepmom is an a**hole too so don't feel bad for uninviting her too. Maybe she doesn't know your middle name but agreeing to give your child the first name of ANOTHER child the father already has is a total a**hole move.”

Someone else agreed, commenting: “They plan to literally give their new child your exact same name? That is weird!

“I wouldn't want to share my baby shower with someone naming their kid my exact name against my wishes either.”

Another wrote: “This is bizarre. They can’t think of any other variation of those names? It has to be your entire given name? That’s really weird.”

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