Woman reveals 'horror' of being messaged by delivery driver after he dropped off her shopping

Footage shows delivery driver appearing to deliberately run over cat

A woman has spoken of the horror after she was contacted online by a delivery driver who had been to her house to drop off her shopping just hours before.

The disturbing incident occurred just hours after 28-year-old beautician Molly received a Morrison's food delivery to her flat.

Speaking to Birmingham Live , she explained: “When he delivered the shopping he was pleasant, absolutely fine and said thanks for shopping with us. He brought the shopping up to my flat and I said 'thank you'.

“It was a very small conversation we had.”

Molly claimed that the man who delivered her shopping tracked her down on Facebook and left a string of likes on her photos before messaging her.

She continued: “He delivered the shopping to me and then later looked up my name on social media and tried to message me.

“He just said 'Hi' then started liking photographs of me on my Facebook page, which to me insinuates something else.

“It's obviously a massive data breach. I live on my own, I'm a young lady. It is really scary.”

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Molly blocked the man and complained to Morrisons and Ocado, who deliver for Morrisons, but claims her complaint was not handled seriously at first.

She alleged: “I called Morrisons but they seemed disinterested and said 'Maybe somebody will call you back about this'.”

The massive breach of privacy and Morrisons apparent lack of action was “scary” to Molly, who claims the company didn’t apologise to her for her experience.

Instead, Morrisons told Molly it was a problem for the depot and Ocado who are contracted to deliver for the supermarket.

Molly went on: “For him to take my name from my order and look me up on social media and contact me and like photographs of me... it's just unreal.

“But it's really scary that Morrisons didn't take it as seriously as I thought they should after I sent them copies of the messages.

“Morrisons did not even apologise that this happened to me. I said, 'You haven't even apologised' and they said, 'Yeah well it isn't really a customer service problem'. I said that it IS a customer service problem.

“It's obviously a massive data breach but Morrisons said it was a problem for the depot they use which they said was also used by Ocado.”

In a statement to BirminghamLive, Morrisons said: “We take complaints such as these very seriously and we are working closely with our partner Ocado to conduct a formal investigation into the matter.”

Ocado told the publication: “We are aware of this complaint and in the process of conducting an investigation.”

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