Woman finds ‘creepy’ briefcase hidden under her own oven

Sinead Butler
Wednesday 14 April 2021 08:02

A TikToker was left creeped out when the wooden panelling in her kitchen fell away to expose several items hidden under her oven – which included a metal ‘briefcase’.

Posting on her account , @live_ex_dream, she shared her concerns about the items with the caption: “I’ll just be googling unsolved murders in my local area now #ohno #creepy #tiktoktradiations #fyp #help #unsolved mysteries.’

The video – which now has more than 620,000 views – displayed two wooden panels that fell away. “So a wooden panel underneath the oven dropped out and left a gap,” she explains.

Two wooden slats fell away to revealed a gap where the suitcase was found.


She then moves the camera to show the gap under the oven where an object can be clearly seen, and says: “I could see something inside.”

The clip then shows her reaching into the gap, lifting up a handle and pulling it out to reveal a metal briefcase.

She then opens up the case – and discovers a bright pink metal bar inside.

Inside the metal suitcase, the TikToker finds a random metal bar.(TikTok/live_ex_dream)

But she then looks into the gap again to find a number of other metal items, including a knife and a long fork with two sharp prongs.

From the items shown, many users were convinced that it is was a grill set.

One user said: “The utensils go in that case. It’s a grill set. Can’t explain the random metal bar though lol. My husband has that same set.”

Another said: “That’s a BBQ set case...lol”, to which @live_ex_dream responded: “Yeah but why has it got no BBQ tools in it and instead, one iron bar?”

In a follow-up video, she captioned: ‘I pulled everything out and had a look. I agree this looks like a grill set but why is it there ? #creepy #unsolved.’

The second video shows her with gloves on as lays everything out on a plastic sheet. Again, most of the objects seem to be knives of prongs.

Users were still adamant that it was a BBQ set, one user said: “It’s a BBQ set, my dad has a similar one.”

Another commented: “It’s a BBQ kit. I have the same one.”

But some were still concerned about the objects:

"Please say you called the police???", one person wrote.

Another added: "Everything in me is screaming murder weapons."

A third person commented: "Umm maybe torture devices for a serial killer."

After taking the advice to call the police, @live_ex_dream responded: “We called the non-emergency line and they said the previous owners weren’t connected to anything that could make it dodgy so they’re not interested.”