<p>(Left) The TikToker’s husband removing a panel to reveal the hidden room (Right) The creepy headless photo that was discovered in the rooms walls</p>

(Left) The TikToker’s husband removing a panel to reveal the hidden room (Right) The creepy headless photo that was discovered in the rooms walls


A woman has discovered a hidden room in her house – but it’s the contents between the walls that has given her and others the creeps.

Kam Mee shared the experience with viewers on TikTok as she explored the boarded-up room of her house and found several black and white photos, as well as handwritten letters, hidden in the walls.

In the first video, she said: “So this is what my husband and I found a room inside of our house.

“You can see there are so many different layers of wallpaper. We also found a couple of pictures and an old ASB card. The ASB card is for a school that no longer exists.”

Her husband can be seen removing a wooden panel, revealing the secret room.

(Left) One of the letters the TikToker discovered (Right) One of the images that she also foundTikTok/kammee0508

This video has received 2.9m views, with over 160,000 likes, along with many comments from worried people saying it should have been left closed.

One person said: “Congratulations! You have just woken up the spirits in the house...”

“IT WAS CLOSED FOR A REASON, this has bad energy all over it,” another person wrote.

Someone else replied: “I’m totally creeped out. How did you find it? Why would it be hidden?”

The TikToker later uploaded a series follow-up videos, revealing details of the photos she had discovered within the room’s walls.

One photo showed what appeared to be a middle aged man hold a fishing rod, along with a large fish in the other hand, and other images which might be found among typical family photos.

However, there was one particular image that sent chills down viewers’ spines – a photo of a young boy in a go-kart with what looks like a headless man standing beside him.

“I’m gonna really pray that it’s [headless photo] actually just an exposure problem because this gives me nightmares,” Kam Mee said.

She also read out a note written on the back of the picture, saying: “Remember this creepy one? I don’t know if this is a bleed or what it is, but take a look at the back: ‘How to eliminate that annoying glare when one wears glasses’.”

This video has over 172,000 views, with dozens commenting their thoughts and theories on the eerie image.

One person said: “Oh hell no that’s so scary.”

Someone else wrote: “It used to be popular to pay photographers to make [sic] these photos as a joke. It was the equivalent to filters.”

“Maybe the person moved their head as the picture was being taken and it didn’t develop along with the rest of the picture,” another added.

We certainly hope that’s the explanation, anyway...

You can watch these videos in full here and here.

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