Mum claims to be the victim of 'hot phobia' for being too attractive

Mum claims to be the victim of 'hot phobia' for being too attractive
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A woman has claimed she is the victim of “hot phobia” and says men are scared to approach her because she is too attractive.

Sabine Roll-Cohen, 40, from North London has claimed that she is ignored at the school gates when collecting her son because other parents can’t handle her beauty.

The personal shopper and model said she wears outfits such as crop tops and short shorts to collect her son, resulting in other parents giving her the cold shoulder and victimising her.

Roll-Cohen told The Sun: “I like to wear small shorts, or a low dress, or a tiny crop top, I like to feel sexy.”

She continued: “Every woman should look after themselves. I don’t go out much anymore, so the school run is my reason to get dressed, so why not wear a nice outfit?

“The other mums don’t talk to me when I look nice, they just turn their noses up. But when I am dressed in my jogging bottoms, they decide to speak to me, it’s strange.”

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But, she said, it’s not just the school gates where she’s found herself snubbed by other parents and claimed that it also happened at a child’s birthday party when she arrived wearing a crop top and skinny jeans.

Roll-Cohen does not believe she dresses inappropriately and claims she is simply the victim of “hot phobia”.

She argued: “I was at this party with my six-year-old son, but I only knew one other mum there.”

Roll-Cohen went on: “I was wearing a little floral crop top and some skinny jeans which showed off my perky bum and I thought I looked great.

“But every single mum at the party, apart from my friend, ignored me. I asked my friend why no one was talking to me and she said ‘Maybe you wear the wrong outfits.’

“I think they must be jealous as I do have a good body. I’m size eight, 5ft 7, I don’t go to the gym and I don’t have to watch what I eat.

“A lot of these ladies are bigger and less sexy after having children and I think it annoys them that I look so good. If jealousy is an illness, I hope they all get better soon.”

But, Roll-Cohen said that one person who appreciates her beauty is her husband of six years, Beto.

She said: “He thinks I’m gorgeous and like to look nice for him. He wouldn’t change me for the world, so I’m not going to worry what anyone else thinks of me.”

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