Woman shockingly reveals that she pranked her brother into eating their grandmother

Woman shockingly reveals that she pranked her brother into eating their grandmother
I’m sorry WHAT??? 😱👵🏻

A woman has left Australian radio show hosts stunned after she called in to disturbingly confess that she "pranked" her brother by feeding him their grandmother's ashes.

On Tuesday’s episode of Fifi, Fev & Nick, the woman admitted that before tricking her brother, she and her mum had a taste of the ashes themselves.

“So my nan passed away in August last year and got cremated,” Cheyenne explained. “Obviously my family and myself were grieving, so I went over to mom’s one night and thought to cheer her up a bit … let’s just taste nan.”

The caller added that it was "just saliva and ashes" when asked if she initially added any extra ingredients to the taste and elaborated that "After I did it once, I got mom to do it because I didn’t want to be alone in it."

But that's not all as Cheyenne noted there was more to the story - a part which she has "told nobody."

"My brother got out of jail not too long ago and I thought it would be funny to prank him," she said. "And I put some of Nan’s ashes in the pasta sauce."

The radio hosts were momentarily speechless at the admission until one of them joked the dish was "Spaghetti Olo-nan."

When asked if she still had any of her grandmother's ashes left, Cheyenne reassured that there "is a whole box of her left."

However, the question is... has she stopped eating the ashes?

"I'll say yes for your sake Fifi," Cheyenne replied.

In the comments section, viewers have similarly been left both shocked and horrified at the caller admitting to doing this, while some weren't convinced the story was real.

One person said: "This is messed up, I turned this off when listening this morning!"

"This is really odd. Can someone call the Mental Health Line…" another person asked.

Someone else added: "That was so disturbing & disgusting."

"This chick is all cap, no way," a fourth person commented.

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