Woman refuses to give stepdaughter birthday cake because she 'needs to lose weight'

Woman refuses to give stepdaughter birthday cake because she 'needs to lose weight'
A Very Bready Birthday Bouquet

A woman has caused uproar for refusing to give her stepdaughter birthday cake because of her weight.

The 34-year-old woman took to a popular Reddit thread to share her story but soon realised many people weren't siding with her.

She first explained that she, her husband and their two children lead a healthy lifestyle with treats every now and again. She claimed that her husband's ex has a different mindset.

Her stepdaughter Gwen was visiting for her 6th birthday – and understandably, like most people, wanted a birthday cake.

The anonymous woman brutally wrote: "In all honesty, that woman's blood type is probably ketchup. Similarly, Gwen is about 20lb heavier than a 5-year-old girl is supposed to be."

She said that when Gwen visits twice a month, she tries to teach her about healthy life choices.

"It makes me sad for this child and her health so when we get her I try to teach Gwen about healthy eating and moving around," she said, adding: "We have the boys play with her so she's getting active, and we make a distinction between foods that are healthy and ones that aren't."

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When Gwen politely asked for a birthday cake to celebrate her birthday, the woman insisted she opted for "low-fat ice cream" as a healthier alternative.

"My reasoning is unfortunately she's still getting all that garbage at home, and it's just not good for a growing girl," the woman wrote."She agreed and we decided to have some low-fat ice cream so she can still have a sweet treat."

"It's a brand Gwen loves and asks for every time she's here, so she was happy with it."

The following day, the stepmum received a furious call from Gwen's mum, who accused her of fat shaming her daughter.

She said that when Gwen got home, she started crying "because she really did want cake but didn't want to 'make a bad choice'."

The post was soon flooded with critics who condemned the woman's actions.

"She's FIVE YEARS OLD, and it was her birthday," one Reddit user wrote, while another added: "You really need to do research on how to properly teach children about health, fitness, etc. because the way you’re doing it will only lead to body image issues and an eating disorder.

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