Woman claims that her sex toy almost killed her

Woman claims that her sex toy almost killed her
Gwyneth Paltrow created the Goop vibrator in order to ‘pass the time’ ...

Too much, too quick. One woman shared on TikTok that a sex toy almost "killed her" after she turned the mode up to its highest intensity.

TikTok user @_alashawn2 first joined in the trend where a user shows themselves and then “the thing that almost killed” them. For her video, this included a clip of her vibrator before showing her in the hospital.

"🙄 tryna be grown," she captioned the video.


🙄 tryna be grown . #foryou #MaiselChallenge #fyp

Naturally, the video left people with many questions with some begging the TikTok user to do a story time of the events that led her to be hospitalized.

She eventually complied and after skirting around TikTok's community guideline rules, she shared an explainer video in two parts.

"This is my third time and TikTok keeps deleting it," she says at the start of the video.


finna post part 2 right after this ! do not get in my comments asking me 😂 idk why it don’t let me do the 3 minute thingy but oh well #fyp

"The toy has got like ten different settings or whatever and so the first couple of times I'm like 'alright whatever I'm going to use setting one setting two," the TikTok explains, "but then one day I was like 'you know what? let me crank this h*e up right quick."

She then explains that she turned the toy on to level six.

"I really shouldn't have done that," she says.

In a second video, she explains further, "So I'm in heaven, all of a sudden I realize I can't get out of heaven."

"I try to pull the toy out and it would not come off," the TikTok says before sharing that the "suction cup" would not move.


Reply to @notiktoksophie part2 😬 if you laugh i’m blocking you . #fyp #MaiselChallenge #storytime

"I was so far in heaven that I literally could not function. My body was so weak," @alashawn2 says, "Next thing I know I'm on the floor blacked out."

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