Women: If you are over 26, you'll probably never make it as a pop star

Alice Zhao, the data scientist whose visualisations of how marriage changed her text messages, is back with another fascinating analysis - this time of female pop stars.

Among her conclusions is that age, in pop at least, is more than just a number. Of the 15 women with number one singles in America within the past six years the majority were 20-23 years old when they had their first top single, as you can see from the chart above.

As for the top artists? In America at least, Taylor Swift and Rihanna are number one. Since 2006 Swift has had 67 songs in America's list of top 100 songs, while Rihanna has had 13 number one singles in a year - the same as Michael Jackson. Cumulatively, she has spent almost a full year at the top of the charts in America.

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