WWE wrestler warns against people doing his moves after man copies him during a street fight

WWE wrestler warns against people doing his moves after man copies him during a street fight

A WWE fighter has turned to Twitter with some practical life advice (or what some may view as common sense). Do not try his wrestling moves at home.

Stephen Farrelly, famously known as Sheamus, was prompted to make the call out after a viral video of a street fight circulated online.

The clip, posted by Twitter user @ryansatin, shows two men fighting. Captioned, “Damn! This guy hit @WWESheamus’ White Noise in a street fight”, the clip has since racked up nearly a million views and an influx of responses.

The man is shown performing Sheamus’ famous “white noise” move and slams the opponent onto concrete ground – though one WWE fan was quick to highlight that it “was a lot closer to a Samoan drop.”

“The white noise would have been off to the side onto his back and shoulders not jumping straight back onto his back”, they added.

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“My greatest fear is seeing guys or kids do wrestling moves on each other on concrete in a real fight, always has been since I was a kid and I judo threw a friend in a fight once....anyway, not cool,” one response read, while another added: “People saying he hit it safely but god damn does his spine gotta be hurting right now.”

Another pointed out: “On the sidewalk! That’s the hardest part of the street!”

While we’re not condoning this behaviour, one WWE fanatic viewed the fight as somewhat skilful: “Protected the neck and everything. Tremendous form. Not a botch. Very safe worker. Sign him to 2.0 Vince.”

Another creative user even made an edit of the street fight using a WWE voiceover.

The Irish professional wrestler and actor told his 4.7 million followers: “..lads, don’t try my moves on the street (or the football pitch!) coz this stuff does real damage! As the man says: Don’t Try This at Home..”

Good advice to heed, we think.

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