You can tell a lot about the party leaders from their signatures

How much can you tell about someone from their handwriting, specifically their signature?

Quite a lot, according to a team of handwriting experts who analysed the signatures of David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage.

The study revealed that Cameron is supremely confident, whereas Miliband is intuitive yet insecure.

Clegg's signature shows he is seeking status, while Farage's shows his combative streak meanwhile.

Here's an in-depth analysis of the signatures of the the party leaders*, from a team of handwriting experts.

David Cameron

Cameron's handwriting exudes confidence, according to expert graphologist Elaine Quigley. She said:

All but Cameron have a short line under their signatures, accentuating their importance. Cameron has a signature that stands on its own merit, indicating that he has the confidence to just be who he is.

The right-hand slant of his writing also suggests he is more confident than his rival Ed Miliband, whose writing only begins to slant towards the right hand side of the page.

Elaine also noted Cameron's signature is harder to read than Miliband's or Clegg's, which she says reveals his more secretive side.

[He is] more adept at keeping [counsel] than the second two. He probably is more aware of how to avoid getting involved before he is ready.

Ed Miliband

Miliband's handwriting suggests insecurity, according to graphologist Diane Simpson.

Here we have an intuitive but apparently insecure individual who is trying very hard to do the 'right thing’. This scenario is often caused by conflicting advice coming from all sides with ensuing confusion.

Elaborating on Miliband's insecurity, Diane says:

As soon as he wrote his first name he felt the need to underline it, Make no mistake I'm ED, and then came his last name which he also felt the need to add emphasis to (not any old Ed but THE ED MILLIBAND).

But we also get a sense of his ambition.

His upper strokes reach for the sky and in the case of his last name even higher than the capital letter... This Miliband is trying hard to ensure he is on his way up!

Nick Clegg

Diane also highlighted that Clegg's signature is underlined, beginning under the end of his first name and extending under his last name.

Here is a writer who is revealing a need for status. Again there are enlarged first letters but this time with the initial letters of both names being markedly larger than the rest of the words, as though he was making sure that the reader was very sure that this was HIS writing.

Her conclusion is that Clegg's handwriting shows he is determined and quick-witted.

Here we have a determined, quick witted individual who is working on his image (patching as he goes). Goal minded in the extreme he seems to be investing all he has got in what is yet to come and at the same time adding what he believes to be necessary to his public image.

Nigel Farage

Elaine says Farage's signature shows he is a law unto himself.

Farage has a more indistinct signature than the other three, possibly because he is something of a law unto himself and doesn’t want to be a conformer. His signature also has more angles, showing a combative streak. The other signatures are not as aggressive as Farage. He's more likely to speak out rather than wrapping his comments with tact.

Diane's analysis was slightly more forgiving:

Here we have quirky yet formal individual whose view of what is right is very clear. Logical and exacting, his intent is finish what he started!

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