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6 best GPS tracking collars to keep your pets safe

6 best GPS tracking collars to keep your pets safe
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Little is as important to a pet owner than keeping their best four-legged friends safe, but it can be hard to keep track of their every move whether they’re out in the yard for a bathroom break or give you a scare by bolting out an open door. GPS tracking collars and attachable devices are perfect for seeing where they head when this happens and can give pet parents peace of mind that even if their rambunctious pup gets free, they can find him in no time at the tap of a screen.

Tracking collars aren’t just for emergencies though, as the same type of technology we employ through pedometers and fitness trackers can tell us a lot about our pets’ health as well. Watching how far they work, how often they’re resting, the quality of their sleep, and seeing suggested food portion sizes are all benefits of getting a tracking device like one seen below, so take a look and decide for yourself which among the top-rated models below is best suited for your pet’s lifestyle.

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FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

This tracker is almost like a FitBit for your dog (name similarities and all) and tracks their activity, sleep quality, distance traveled, anxiety, skin conditions, and more in a small enough package to be suitable for dogs and cats of any size. The FitBark works best in areas with plenty of Verizon coverage, and as the owner of one pesky escape artist feline reviews, “She sneaked off this morning, I drove to where Fitbark showed her location, and found her within 10 ft of the pawprint on the map


Garmin TT 15 Dog Device

The Garmin TT 15 is a serious tracking device with a nine mile radius that lets dog trainers, hunters, and folks who let their animals run fairly wild on large swaths of property keep an eye out on their furry beloveds as they roam and frolic freely. One reviewer details the amazing customer service the companies offers as well, plus the ease of equipping multiple dogs with these collars:

“Garmin is excellent with their support dept. and has replaced both a faulty handheld as well as a collar that had lost signal. I will continue to use this product with all of my dogs. You can use multiple collars on a single handheld, so adding a collar or dog is easy.”


Whistle Go Explore

With the Whistle Go Explore, you can see real time tracking of your pet’s whereabouts so whether they’ve snuck under a fence or are out for a stroll with the dog walker, you’ll know their exact location at all times. 24-hour timelines, food portion suggestions, and fitness features are other perks, and 20 days of battery life means way less charging time. There’s also a built-in light you can enable from the connected app so even in darkness, you’ll never lose your best bud.


Cube Bluetooth GPS Tracker

If you’re interested in tracking your pet as they explore your yard or park but can’t afford to spend a lot right now, Chewy’s under $25 option is a great minimal investment that hooks onto a collar and pinpoints their location within 100 feet––perfect for situations like when the cat climbs a tree and decides to give you a fright after dark. It’s waterproof, rubber-coated, and versatile: use for your keys, purse, or other personal belongings when you’re not making sure Fluffy doesn’t open the door on his again.


Pawtrack GPS Cat Tracking Collar

Cats are impossibly finicky, so a collar made solely for them is a fantastic option since basically everything cats will use has to be specially created with them in mind. The Pawtrack touts “sleek, robust design” that gives global coverage and works with an intuitive app to show you just where your frisky friend goes on his or her adventures. Another fun bonus is getting to watch just where they’ve gone via a playback feature to see if your cat is wandering off a bit too far and needs to be kept in closer range to avoid roads, coyotes, or whatever else man and nature may throw at them. Set up a geo-fence with the app to know when it’s time to go on the hunt and retrieve them once they’ve wandered outside the safe zone.


Whistle 3 Dog & Cat Tracker & Activity Monitor

Working of the nationwide AT&T network, the Whistle 3 dog and cat tracker is shock-resistant, waterproof, and holds charge for up to seven days. There is a $6.95 per month subscription fee for the coordinating app, but you also the benefit of setting up “Whistle Zones,” which are designated safe areas, and getting a text alert when your pet ventures outside those zones. It also keeps you up to date on pet’s fitness, combining health and safety in one handy and affordable device.

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