Sean Spicer wore a US flag badge upside-down and there's a conspiracy theory why

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White House press secretary Sean Spicer wore his American flag pin upside down during a press briefing, and people are freaking out.

Flying the flag upside down is typically known as a sign of distress or emergency.

Spicer was handed a note informing him of the mishap and he subtly turned it around:


Well.. He tried. It took him two goes after reporter John Roberts pointed it out. 


Spicer later confirmed he wasn’t promoting House of Cards (whose logo is also an upside-down American flag). 


But Spicer wasn't quick enough. People noticed. And some wondered if it was a subtle cry for help:


Conspiracy theories began:



Go, go, go!



Some saw it as a beautiful metaphor:


Others got straight to fixing it:


One Twitter user reminded us of the ongoing theme of living in a '1984' nightmare:


Or could it be a sign of things to come?


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