This website shows what it's like to read when you have dyslexia

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A new website has attempted to emulate the symptoms of dyslexia, and it's going to make your head hurt.

The website, created by Victor Widell, jumbles letters in words to try and recreate how dyslexia manifests for some people.


Some have pointed out that this is not a direct simulation of dyslexia - which is an umbrella diagnosis of a mismatch in reading ability and developmental level.

Different people with dyslexia have different symptoms, which this simulation does not precisely emulate.

For instance, some have pointed out that the letters change too quickly - so we've slowed it down a tad:


In addition, the letters aren't moving as much as instantaneously rearranging, so the representation is limited in that way.

However, it's still a great way to give people a taste of the difficulties faced - down to the last detail of the jumping letters in tags, the publish date, the source and the top menu.

A reddit user commented:

I have dyslexia and although this is accurate, this is a more extreme case!

To the people saying this isn't what dyslexic people see... DUH!!! Nothing will ever show you normals exactly how it truly feels to read while dyslexic. But this is damn close!!

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